Lifetime participation, lifetime dedication

The Alumni Mentorship Program is a flexible one that allows you to participate from anywhere, whether it's at your workplace or at home. It is open to all Nottingham alumni, and you are welcome to participate as a mentor. As a mentor, this program connects you with current students to share your professional experience and expertise. As a mentee, we will match you with suitable mentors to help enhance your skills and further your career development.Throughout the academic year, remote mentorship allows participating mentees ample time to benefit from their mentors' professional experience and knowledge.
The delicate balance of guiding someone is not to mold them in your own image, but to give them the opportunity to create themselves.Steven Spielberg
Reasons to become a mentor
Develop your one-to-one mentoring and communication skillsEnhance your CV with invaluable volunteering experienceReinforce your own knowledge of your sectorShape the future talent of the international job marketGive back to the University community
Mentoring opportunity
to have 1-3 mentees by Septembermonthy mentoring sessions with your mentee, ensuring they are making progress (around 1 hour per month)ongoing support from the Alumni Relations TeamCompulsory online trainingMentoring preparation and feedback
Become a mentor